Jan 102010

Australian Coin Collectors Guide – Everything you need to know

A good coin collectors guide is a must have for coin collectors at every level. For beginners they help to identify the best coins for your collection and can tell you where to look for them. For the more advanced collector or investor your coin guide can show you how to find coin collection values  and where to sell them for the best prices. The Layman’s Guide to Australian Coins has all of this information and much much more.

Most experienced collectors would advise every “newbie” to read at least one good coin collecting guide before you even think about buying a coin. It’s not just a matter of “finders keepers” where you grab just any coin and add it to your collection. If you are going to be buying coins to add to your collection you need to know at least a little about getting the best value for your money.

Over time your collection can even increase in value but it it’s a big help to get off to the right start. Some coins are not worth collecting and on the other hand, a coin with incredible vale could easily be overlooked. Australian rare pennies for example, depending on the year of minting and condition, can vary in value from a few dollars to hundreds of thousands.

When you look for a good Australian Coin Collecors Guide, try to find one that contains the following information:-

1. It must give some information on coin history. If you are going to be collecting Australian coins, you need to know a little about the history of minting in this country.

2. It must give you advice on grading coins. The condition of coins can have a huge impact on their value. By being able to recognise the difference in grade of coins you will have a better idea on the real market value.

3. It must tell you how to find your coin collection values. Just like any other investment item, coin prices can vary considerably from time to time. A good guide will tell you how to find the current market values and trends so you will know if it’s the right time to think about selling your coins.

4. It will also give you an idea on the best places to sell your coins. Is it better to go to a dealer or sell your coins at an auction? Should you be buying and selling coins online?

It can actually be hard to find  good coin collecting books  with all of the information needed on Australian coin collections. Fortunately we have the Layman’s Guide To Australian Coins which has been written by coin expert and president of the Australian Numismatics Dealers Association, Peter Crellin. Peter provides all of the information needed by the budding beginner or the more advanced coin investor. Click here now to find out how to get up to the minute information on collecting Australian coins and the value of your collection.

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